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When you’re ready to get your new Buick Envision serviced or repaired, you’ll want to make Lum's Buick GMC the dealership serving the Salem, Corvallis, and Portland areas that you turn to first. Here, you’ll get the expert Buick service that will keep your brand new vehicle running right for years to come all at the right price to fit your needs.

When it comes to reliable maintenance and repairs, there’s no service more important than routine oil changes. There are many reasons you’ll want to bring your Buick Envision in for its oil changes regularly. To start, the oil in your vehicle is designed to help both protect and cool your engine. Over time the oil collects debris and dirt from the engine and the open road, so it doesn’t enter your vehicle’s main systems and cause damage, wear or corrosion. After the oil has been in the vehicle for some time, it both hits saturation point and begins to break down, which means it can no longer effectively cool your engine or protect it from the road, leading to potential damage.

Oil is also used to keep the many parts in your Buick Envision lubricated properly, so they don’t grind or scratch, You’ll also find that a good oil change schedule will both improve your vehicle’s efficiency, which can save you time and money at the pump and help to protect the environment and will also make every ride you take smoother and more comfortable on the road. At the end of the day, it overall helps to extend your vehicle’s life and maintain its value.

Get your Buick Envision the maintenance it deserves to run right for years to come. Schedule an oil change online or visit Lum's Buick GMC today.

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